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Who Is Making Money and Finding Freedom With Our System?

  • Those who are not happy with their job
  • Real estate agents & mortgage brokers
  • Individuals looking for extra income
  • People who wish to change their life
  • General contractors & truck drivers
  • Work at home parents & grandparents
  • Those hit hard by economic downturn
  • Teachers, nurses and chiropractors
  • Online & offline business owners
  • People that have lost their jobs
  • Work at home parents & grandparents
  • Those hit hard by economic downturn
  • Teachers, nurses and chiropractors
  • Online & offline business owners
  • People that have lost their jobs


Are You Positioned To Earn From The Global Digital E-Learning Industry?

E-Learning is the future. According to Forbes Magazine, market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected “E Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, Research and Markets forecasts show triple the revenue of 2015 – e-learning will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

E-Learning is going to create Millionaires for those who are properly positioned in front of the massive wave of the E-Learning industry revolution.

Online learning, also known as E-learning, is booming. More traditional methods of training or education are not going away, not yet, but organizations of all types, from public and private schools to corporations, are opting to train and inform via the web. E-learning is a growing way to keep your skills up to date or learn entirely new skills. E-Learning platforms are going to change how we learn.

Our E-learning product licensing packages are made up of business skills training, marketing, personal development and how to build a business online. In addition, all of our products come with the marketing rights for you to sell and earn 100% profits!

The end result is an opportunity for you to benefit from the greatest revolutionary growth industry of our time.

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At this point you may be asking...


Membership Levels and Member Commissions

So how much money can you make? Here is our easy to understand income system. We have Five Product Levels ($1,000, $3,500, $7,000, $12,000 and $21,000). You can activate your membership at any level you chose and every time this system closes a sale for you, you'll get paid 100% of the payment up to the product level you purchased.

Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member Diamond Member
Bronze Member Level Commissions

$1,000 membership + $197 admin fee

Pays Bronze Member $1,000 commission

$3,500 membership + $495 admin fee

Pays Bronze Member $1,000 commission

$7,000 membership + $697 admin fee

Pays Bronze Member $1,000 commission

$12,000 membership + $895 admin fee

Pays Bronze Member $1,000 commission

$21,000 membership + $997 admin fee

Pays Bronze Member $1,000 commission

Silver Member Level Commissions

$1,000 membership + $197 admin fee

Pays Silver Member $1,000 commission

$3,500 membership + $495 admin fee

Pays Silver Member $3,500 commission

$7,000 membership + $697 admin fee

Pays Silver Member $3,500 commission

$12,000 membership + $895 admin fee

Pays Silver Member $3,500 commission

$21,000 membership + $997 admin fee

Pays Silver Member $3,500 commission

Gold Member Level Commissions

$1,000 membership + $197 admin fee

Pays Gold Member $1,000 commission

$3,500 membership + $495 admin fee

Pays Gold Member $3,500 commission

$7,000 membership + $697 admin fee

Pays Gold Member $7,000 commission

$12,000 membership + $895 admin fee

Pays Gold Member $7,000 commission

$21,000 membership + $997 admin fee

Pays Gold Member $7,000 commission

Platinum Member Level Commissions

$1,000 membership + $197 admin fee

Pays Platinum Member $1,000 commission

$3,500 membership + $495 admin fee

Pays Platinum Member $3,500 commission

$7,000 membership + $697 admin fee

Pays Platinum Member $7,000 commission

$12,000 membership + $895 admin fee

Pays Platinum Member $12,000 commission

$21,000 membership + $997 admin fee

Pays Platinum Member $12,000 commission

Diamond Member Level Commissions

$1,000 membership + $197 admin fee

Pays Diamond Member $1,000 commission

$3,500 membership + $495 admin fee

Pays Diamond Member $3,500 commission

$7,000 membership + $697 admin fee

Pays Diamond Member $7,000 commission

$12,000 membership + $895 admin fee

Pays Diamond Member $12,000 commission

$21,000 membership + $997 admin fee

Pays Diamond Member $21,000 commission


Watch the video and review the chart above to learn more about the Pay Plan.

The "One-Up" simply means that commissions generated on your first sale, along with the person making the product purchase, will "pass up" to your sponsor. We call this your "qualifying sale."

Once qualified, every sale after that creates an endless pay line of qualifying commissions for you. There are no limits to how many sales you can make, therefore, no limits to how many pay lines you can have.

Each pay line will earn you a commission from the product sale, and each of those new members will also have to give you a "qualifying sale". YOU will be the one to benefit from the qualifying sale, by receiving the commission from the sale and the creation of a new pay line. Your commissions are truly unlimited!

Here Is How You Can Quickly Earn Massive Profits

Depending on the product package level you are qualified (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze), for each and every new member you refer to RLN that purchases a product package, you’ll receive up to 100% of the actual cost as your commission based on the current RLN Product Package level you are qualified.  This could result in an unlimited amount of substantial payments ranging in value from $1,000 right up to a mind-blowing $21,000 coming to you on a regular basis.

For example: If (as a result of driving prospects to your website) your RLN System only registers 1 person each week to become a RLN member at the Silver Level ($3,500) and 1 person at the Gold Level ($7,000) – if you are qualified as a Gold Member, you would earn $10,500 for the week and potentially $42,000 for the month if you duplicated your efforts weekly.  Over the course of a year that would equate to over $546,000.

--- And that’s very much a conservative example, based on only your efforts… but.. even if your RLN System only registered 1 Gold Member weekly x $7,000, that would still give you a cash windfall of $364,000 for the year.

--- And even still if your RLN System only registered 1 Silver Member weekly x $3,500, that would still give you a cash income of $182,000 over the next 12 months.

Would an extra $182,000 a year make a big difference to your life right now?  For most, absolutely!


Don't Talk.  Don't Sell.  Don't Chase.  Don't Panic! 

Just POINT prospects to this system and let it work for you!

Here's a SNAPSHOT of how everything is going to flow...

So How Can You Position Yourself To Have $2,000 - $21,000 Paydays?

You must STOP marketing small ticket Network Marketing and MLM programs (like Amway, Avon, and Herbalife where you have to build large downlines and the profits are spread out over unlimited levels) with low-cost/low commission products, and stop working for small affiliate commissions.

If you want to position yourself to have the potential to realistically earn $2,000 - $21,000 a day, you have to market products that have the ability to pay HIGH TICKET COMMISSIONS to the tune of $1,000 per sell up to $21,000 per sell.

If you are positioned to earn $50 - $100 for every sell you make, you are positioned to have $100 paydays. If you position yourself to earn $1,000 up to $21,000 per sell, you will potentially have $2,000 - $21,000 paydays.

It is very simple... Stop marketing small ticket products and programs... Start marketing high ticket products that pay large commissions.

Now for the bad news...

98% of everyone reviewing this information who are trying to create a new or second income from home, online, on the side or whatever you wish to call it, will FAIL.

Here's why...

They will not ever get started!

This is what happens... Their eyes glaze over from information overload, then analysis paralysis kicks in!

They get stuck in the discomfort of consuming information... They go from email to email ... From video to video... then the excuses start.

"I can't get started yet, because I'm still doing research to make sure I find the "right" secret."

"Oh, I have to find the money to get started." ( this excuse lasts for months to years ) Then they wonder why they can't make any progress.

Stop making excuses and go after what you want and need.

This Automated Marketing Formula has been proven to be the simplest marketing formula available; ensuring that you get the fastest results possible. This is how so many people are seeing VERY fast results with this simple yet professional marketing approach, web site, and automated system... even when they've failed miserably in the past with other programs.

Get into "Take Action" mode and make your dreams come true.

The "Secret" is in marketing High Ticket Products that produce huge up front profits!


What about Traffic and Leads?

Targeted Traffic (people who are looking for a way to make money working from home) will be the lifeblood of your business. Watch this short 2-minute video to learn about how we will help you generate targeted traffic for your business.



If you were to open a conventional business, say a restaurant or pizza shop, you would spend over $100,000 (for a small one) in shop fitting, equipment, signage, licenses and permits, ads to find new employees etc., etc., etc., (Just look at the businesses clipped from a recent business and franchises for sale section of a Saturday paper).

Then you’ll need to take on a commercial lease… and… have cash sitting in your bank account for at least 3 months cash flow (but ideally 6 months), as you build the business.

And of course, once you’re all setup and you open your doors, you have to set about actually making some money. In other words...

  • You have to get new customers.
  • You have to build a customer database.
  • You’ll have to spend even more money on advertising, mailbox drops and anything else that’s required to build brand loyalty, and a reputation.
  • And you have to know how to do all of the marketing (or spend years learning how!)

All told you’re looking at a bare minimum of $100,000 PLUS. And this is only a conventional business.

If you’re considering buying into a franchise, expect to pay $300,000 and more...

Plus... be willing to part with 5-7% of your gross profits (not your true income), FOR LIFE!

How much can you expect to make in the conventional sort of business?

Well, if you can survive in the first place (over 80% of new businesses go bust within 2 years), you’ll have to make at least $50,000 just to cover the interest on these pumped up costs.

Think about this: if you’re grossing $300,000 per year in a franchise, at a mere 5% franchise royalty, over 20 years you’re going to pay back $300,000 in fees! This is money you could use to pay off your home and secure your retirement!

Is this what you really want? Do you really want to pay out that much in ongoing fees?

I doubt it.

We’ve eliminated all that, and made start up cost VERY reasonable and affordable.


For less, much less than you could possibly set up a conventional business or franchise for, we can instantly set you up and get you making in…day out. You won’t have to pay for commercial leases, shop fitting, special equipment or stock. You won’t have to worry about getting prospective clients. And your investment will not be $300,000. It won’t be $100,000. In fact, it won’t even be anywhere near $50,000! 

Think about what it will cost you if don’t take action, if you don’t join us. What impact will that have on your life? Where will you be in one month… 3 months… 6 months… even one year?

You know where, don’t you? In the same place you are now.

Is that what you want? Of course not.

Remember, nothing happens until YOU make a decision. Go ahead and get started. It’s a no-brainer.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

(Click on the question to review.)

What is Rich LifeStyles Network?

Rich LifeStyles Network is a strong, progressive team of independent business owners and leaders. Our business model is a simple, legitimate international opportunity that allows normal people without entrepreneurial experience to better themselves financially by helping others realize their financial freedom.

What Makes Rich LifeStyles Network (RLN) Different From Everything Else?

Unlike 99% – of other businesses out there, Rich LifeStyles Network has solved the main issues that keep people like you from achieving success. You must get quality traffic to your personal site and you have to sell a product with a high enough profit margin or you will go broke before you make any substantial income.

For example, you would have to sell 200 – $50 ebooks to make $10,000. With RLN you can make $1,000, $3,500, $7,000, $12,000, and even $21,000 on a single sell - and this will be paid directly to you (member to member).

You have to have turn key sources of advertising in place or you will quickly wither away with no prospects. We have turn key, plug in and play, done for you advertising solutions available to fit all budgets.

You have to have a system in place to convert visitors to prospects and prospects to members. We have totally solved that problem with this automated marketing system that does all of the explaining and selling for you. You do not have to be a super salesman to make money with RLN. No website to build, no complicated back office to master, no conference calls or training webinars to waste your time.

With RLN there is no figuring out what to do next because our program eliminates all the guess work and levels the playing field so any one from any walk of life can succeed. All someone has to do is join, let your system work for you, and we assist you every step of the way with answering any questions your prospects have after they have reviewed the entire presentation.

The simple and easy to understand RLN business model can empower ordinary people to make life changing incomes quickly.

What are the products?

Click Here To View Our E-Learning Products Portfolio

How much does it cost for the Product Packages?

Purchasing a product package is how you start your business. There is a One-Time Cost for the Product Package:

There is NO monthly autoship!

  • Bronze $1,000 (plus $197 admin fee)
  • Silver $3,500 (plus $495 admin fee)
  • Gold $7,000 (plus $697 admin fee)
  • Platinum $12,000 (plus $895 admin fee)
  • Diamond $21,000 (plus $997 admin fee)

If I want to UPGRADE to a higher Level, how much do I pay?

Let's say you started out at the Gold Level ($7,000) and you want to move up to Platinum ($12,000). You pay the DIFFERENCE of the amount, which is $5,000. Once your qualified sponsor receives the UPGRADE payment, they can then ACTIVATE your Platinum Product level. This works the same way when upgrading to any level.

How do you make money with this business?

There are 4 ways you can make money:

  1. Your Personal Sales.
  2. The 1-UP Qualifying/Training sale.
  3. The Roll-up.
  4. Personal Team Member Upgrades.

What is a 1-UP Qualifier?

A 1-UP Qualifier is where you MUST give up your FIRST sale to your sponsor. For each level that you join (there are 5 levels) you have to give up your first person. Once you give up your first sale, then you're now QUALIFIED to receive EVERY sale for the level(s) that you're qualified for. Example: You're a Gold Level Member ($7,000 level), your first sale comes in at the Silver level ($3,500), it goes up to your sponsor. Your second sale comes in at Gold, just like you. You will receive $3,500, and the balance of $3,500 goes to your sponsor. You're now completely qualified at Gold.

I can only afford a lower lever. When I Upgrade How much will I have to Pay?

You only pay the difference between the lower level and the higher level. If you enroll at Silver Level ($ 3,500) and you decide to upgrade to Gold Level ($ 7,000). You would only have to pay $3,500 to upgrade.

Will I Make More If I Enroll At The Higher Levels?

YES! Enrolling at the higher levels means more income for you. However, no matter where you start you will always earn a commission on every sell.

How Does The 24 Hour Bonus Work?

From The Moment you enrolled for more information, you have 48 hours to let your Success Coach know that you are joining and give them an overnight package tracking number.

If you are joining at the Gold Level or above, when we receive your admin fee and your Success Coach/Coaches receive their funds, we will include you in the Rich LifeStyles Network Advertising Group Rotation. The amount of advertising you receive will be based on the level at which you choose to join.

You must enroll at least at the Gold Level to qualify for the Network Advertising Group Rotation.

When you enroll at the Silver Level ($3,500), you will receive 1 position in the Network Advertising Group Rotation.

When you enroll at the Gold Level ($7,000), you will receive 2 position in the Network Advertising Group Rotation.

When you join at the Platinum Level ($12,000), you will receive 3 position in the Network Advertising Group Rotation.

When you join at the Diamond Level ($21,000), you will receive 5 position in the Network Advertising Group Rotation.

We believe this is the fastest way to get your first qualifying sell, as was as your first potential sells, and this happens all on auto-pilot for you.

How often do you get paid?

When you make a sale, payments are sent DIRECTLY TO YOU. You can accept payment however you want. Some payment methods used by our members are Cashier’s Checks, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Bank Wires or Direct Deposit. Our 2 primary methods of payment are Cashier’s Check and Bank Wire.

I’ve lost a lot of money in the past. Can I make money with this?

Absolutely! If you’re open and willing to be taught, we’ll SHOW you exactly how to earn as quickly as your first week. People are sick and tired of MLM (Multilevel Marketing) and Network Marketing programs and the tiny checks they produce AND we offer a lucrative alternative PLUS the realistic potential of a 6 figure income in the very first year in business.

I’m a Newbie. I have no marketing experience. Can I still do this?

Absolutely. We actually prefer NEWBIES over seasoned marketers. Less work to have to deprogram a person from BAD marketing habits, and retrain them how to do it correctly. If you’re WILLING and OPEN to learn, you can do ANYTHING, not just this. With all the training and resources that we have in place, you will become a pro. Did we mention that this program is the EASIEST and SIMPLEST business that you’ll ever do!

Will You Help Me Succeed?

Yes. Remember, we have a done for you web presentation, done for you advertising, and BEST OF ALL we help you close all of your sells. Our initial goal for you is to help you close 1 or 2 Silver or Gold sales ($3,500 or $7,000 depending on which level you get started) within your first few weeks. That’s at least $7,000 or $14,000 to you. That’s just with our entry level done for you advertising. As your business grows you’ll be able to expand your advertising reach even further.

It Seems Like I can make A LOT Of Money, Quickly, Is This Legal?

Yes, it is. The high ticket direct sales industry has been around for many decades. It is one of the longest standing business models of any industry.

In addition, we are part of the trillion dollar information licensing industry. We understand your questioning, we know it can be hard to find good people to work with. That’s why we hold ourselves and our members to the highest ethical standards. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and we know what it takes to be a success in this business and we are passing that knowledge and our expertise on to you.

Also this is not cash gifting, MLM, network marketing or some high yield income program with a comp plan Albert Einstein couldn’t figure out. With RLN you don’t need sales skills, technical prowess or even any previous business experience.

Where can I go to get started ASAP after I've watched the webinars and videos and I'm ready to join?

At the end of the webinar, call your Success Coach whose information will be found on this page. Leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.